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Chart Your Path Forward After COVID-19

For some companies the digital marketing realm may seem vast and overwhelming, especially when there a million other priorities to take care of while growing your business. At Creative Compass, our goal is to hear your needs and map out next steps to success with the vision, plan, and experience to get there. Our various creative specialities fall into three categories: storytelling (the wind), brand design (the ship), and digital marketing (the sails). Bon voyage!

Creative Compass was born out of a change in course from the typical corporate career path due to the current Coronavirus pandemic. The economic recession, induced by COVID-19, has left over 30 million Americans unemployed. Establishing a solid brand and leveraging digital marketing is crucial for business longevity now more than ever. Now is the time to reinvent yourself and choose your next direction whether you are recently unemployed or a business needing to pivot.

Even before the pandemic took place we were all faced with some degree of future uncertainty. Right now, we have the gifts of stillness and solitude to fine tune our craft, tap into our passions, and reflect on how we can improve what may be a new normal. How will you chart your path forward? What are your talents that others need? When will you start?

We want to hear your ideas, hopes, and dreams to share our creativity. Email or call 561.907.9036.

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