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How Do We Brand Hope? Top 10 Hashtags Connecting Us Through the Coronavirus

Illustration of hopeful message inspired by San Franciscans
Message of Hope in Coronavirus

Throughout the world, people have found ways to band together and spread hope despite social distancing. Even a pandemic can't stop people from connecting whether it's posting an optimistic sign in their front window or hollowing together every evening at 8:00 pm. The message of hope is one that is universally understood and resonates now more than ever.

Here are a few cheery signs throughout San Francisco.

Hope is deeply rooted in the human psyche and has been found to protect the brain from anxiety according to this study. Although starkly contrasting politically, both President Barack Obama and Donald Trump have used the promise of hope to narrate their campaigns; "hope for change" and "make America great again" send this basic emotional appeal in different ways to very different groups.

In light of the Coronavirus, people have been branding hope and sharing it through social media such as #SingOutSF. Here are the top ten hashtags used to stick together through these strange times.

Top 10 Hopeful Hashtags

1. #stayhome

2. #staysafe

3. #strongertogether

4. #stayhomestaysafe

5. #quarantineandchill

6. #flattenthecurve

7. #inthistogether

8. #withme

9. #togetherathome

10. #safehands

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