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Restaurant Recovery Post-Coronavirus

We all know that the hospitality industry has been strongly affected by COVID-19. In recent news, it was reported that 50% of San Francisco restaurants will not reopen after shelter-in-place has been lifted. According to Eater San Francisco, over a dozen restaurants have already announced their permanent closure in San Francisco not counting surrounding Bay Area cities. These restaurants include several long time establishments and new concepts that will be sorely missed.

1. Seven Stills, Sunset

2. Pause Wine Bar, Hayes Valley

3. Thep Phanom, Lower Haight

4. The Grove, Hayes Valley

5. Mestiza Taqueria, SoMa

6. Three Twins Ice Cream, Lower Haight

7. Hillside Supper Cl ub, Bernal Heights

8. Bistro Aix, Marina

9. Cafe du Soleil, Lower Haight

10. Slim's, SoMa

11. Locanda, Mission

12. The Crepe House, Mission

13. Plant Cafe Organic, Marina

14. Bar Agricole, SoMa

15. Marketbar, FiDi

16. The Golden West, FiDi

17. Al's Deli, Mission

18. Social Kitchen & Brewery, Inner Sunset

19. Mad Dog in the Fog, Lower Haight

20. Naked Fish, Marina

As we see these local favorites disappear, we wondered what are some ways to keep local food and beverage alive in this city where it's most celebrated? After brainstorming and research, we came up with a few ideas that hopefully help businesses pivot to stay afloat a little while longer.

Raw & Ready Prepared Ingredients

Now that more people have been inclined to cook during quarantine, selling popular local dishes as ingredients with a recipe could be a fun option to sell to former diners. The raw and ready meals could be picked up curbside or delivered but instead of getting groceries you're getting your favorite meal...fresh. This idea could also last even after lockdown as another takeaway option.

Themed Meal Delivery

Businesses like Laura Ashley Catering have pivoted their services to comply with lockdown orders by creating themed meals for people stuck at home. Her curated pop-up menus have included a Seafood Fest, Luau in a Box, and next up Mother's Day Brunch in a Basket.

From Cafe to Canteen

Across the world restaurants have transformed into makeshift grocery stores by offering essentials in one stop shop. Now you can get your tacos, six pack, and toilet paper in one fell swoop. A few local spots operating like this in San Francisco can be found here.

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