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Top 10 Stationery Designers in the US 2022

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

After extensive exposure to the stationery industry and plenty of online research, I've compiled a list of my top 10 favorite stationery designers in a visual list below.

Why is good stationery design important?

In a world where ideas are shared so quickly and so broadly it's important that the invitation to your special event stands out. A beautiful invitation is the first impression your guest receives to experience an event of a lifetime. Choose a stationery designer who can see your vision and execute an exceptional invite.

What makes a great stationery designer?

The best stationery designers are the ones who can bring you beyond your expectations. If you don't know exactly what you want then a good stationery designer will help guide you with their artistic direction. If you do know what you want for your invitation suite then the right stationery designer for you will understand your concept and create it well.

Claudia visually tells a story with every custom event invitation. Her company's vision is to “create a place where brides and grooms can be creative, and together, we can visualize their dream wedding...From wedding suites and signage to any custom piece that you can imagine — our focus is the overall experience.”

stationery designer

Twinkle & Toast is all about texture and bringing the event to life right off the paper. Every invite is unique and customized to each event. No two invites look anything alike! The use of natural elements is incorporated in almost every detail.

Stationery Designer

Honest Type explores various mediums for clients and couples including watercolor sigange, decor, and even sweets! They have provided live calligraphy for corporate events including a movie screening with Oprah Winfrey present. The sky is the limit with Honest Type when it comes to stationery design.

Stationery Designer

Veronica Halim's work is inspired by the location such as the example shown below resembling the aesthetic of the Amalfi Coast. Veronica is a world-class stationery designer with works commissioned for events in Kyoto and Seoul. Even though this list focuses on designers in the US we couldn't help but list this international artist.

Stationery Designer

5. Grey & Cake

Grey & Cake has been featured in publications throughout the world such as Vogue and Martha Stewart Weddings. This designer combines beatiful calligraphy detail with letterpress impact to make the most lasting impression. As a boutique stationery studio, Grey & Cake specializes in custom invitations for the engaged couple, galas, events, auctions, and private parties.

Stationery Designer

Events that should never be forgotten need invitations from A Fine Press. This stationery design studio is the cool kid of the industry led by Matthew Wengerd, "a big dreamer" and musician. A Fine Press has an extensive portfolio of unique works as well as an extensive blog with helpful and inspiring resources.

Stationery Designer

7. Ink & Press Co.

Ink & Press Co. creates poetry on paper, for instance "Slow strokes of calligraphy against the rough grain of handmade paper, soft drips of wax pressed into an elegant crest seal, the permanence of a letterpress-debossed indent... all of these old-world processes push us to slow down, reflect, and appreciate the beauty of fine art creation." The work of Ink & Press Co. Founder, Mikyla Marie Manu, is classically romantic and ephermal.

Stationery Designer

Inquisited is self-described as "heirloom stationery" with their refined details. The designer works with illustrations, color, texture, and rare materials to tell each couple's love story. Also, Inquisited offers a range of customization from fully custom to semi-custom invitations.

Stationery Designer

Papel & Co. offers digital printing, embossing, foil, and letterpress printing for beautiful custom stationery design. Papel & Co offers the highest quality materials and service to their clients. This designer also offers semi-custom invitations and every-day use stationery.

Stationery Designer

Shine Wedding Invitations is your one-stop shop for all wedding stationery and decor needs.

Stationery Designer

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